3 Signs that Your Fuck-buddy Wants to Date

If you’ve ever had a fuck-buddy then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve caught feeling for said fuck-buddy. I mean, It’s unavoidable.

If you are head-over-heels for you Tinder fuck-buddy or casual fuck pal and you suspect they might feel the same way, you might want to check out my list of key signals. You might be surprised to find out just how many girls/guys are secretly into you.

  1. She Texts You… A Lot.

    Some people aren’t into giving out their phone numbers to their fuck-buddies, while others think of it as a requirement. See, the problem with giving anything more than a snapchat to your fuck-friend is catching feelings. It makes it way easier than it normally should be.

    If you two are having sex on a daily basis AND chatting each other up over snapchat/text, then you might be in danger of catching these feelings. If you think about it, there isn’t much of a difference between sparking a relationship and sparking a fuck-buddy’s interests.

    If she’s hammering you down with text messages all day – she might be looking for a little more than mediocre sex. If the text messages aren’t absurdly creepy, then you might want to consider.

    You might want to think about cutting back on the text messaging if you’re the one over-doing it. I mean, unless you want to make it super obvious that you have a crush on her. It’s really up to you.

  2. She Sticks Around

    When meeting up with a fuck-buddy, it’s not uncommon for you two to hang out for a bit before you have sex. It’s almost like a formality to ask her about herself and maybe have a couple laughs before you two start going to town on each other.

    However, if once the sex is over and you two have all your clothes on, she still hangs out with you for a considerable amount of time – she might be into you. Nobody gets a good fuck from some hottie they met on a dating app and then sticks around for 45 minutes afterward for some nice pillow-talk.

    This is especially true for the fellas out there. If your guy is all over you, even long after you two finish up your naked tango, then he may have caught some feelings.

    I guess I should mention the fact that mostly guys are the ones falling in love over Tinder, but oh well.

  3. No Condom?

    When a Tinder date tells you that you don’t have to use a condom, you should tread carefully. Unless you really know the girl, it’s probably not a great idea. STDs, pregnancy, stank dick, and much more can be prevented with condoms.

    However, wearing condoms kind of sucks for both parties involved, so when your fuck-buddy tells you she doesn’t want you sporting a condom, you might have something serious on your hands.

    Girls usually only do this when you’ve been dating them for a while and they trust you, so if your fuck-buddy gives you the same treatment then you have to know that somethings up.

    If she’s displaying all of the above as well as letting you hit it raw… she’s into you. Just saying.