Top 7 Hottest Cougars Ever

Over the years, we’ve seen many Hollywood actresses and A-list celebrities evolve from early twenties beauty into mature, sensual cougars. Ask anyone, old or young, and they’ll tell you that these stunners only get better with age. Let’s look at some of the hottest cougars of all time:

Demi Moore

The incredibly captivating Demi Moore might be the ultimate cougar. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she has a reputation of something of a wild girl in the sack. Now in her mid-fifties, she still looks as appealing as she did twenty years ago. She also has a history of hooking with men over ten years her junior too and continues to date younger guys to this day.

Sandra Bullock

Miss Bullock goes to great lengths to keep her private life short, which is why a lot of people are unaware of Sandra Bullock’s cougar tendencies. In the past few years, the sultry brunette has been romantically linked with Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, both of whom are ten and sixteen her junior respectively. Sandra definitely has a thing for younger guys, as well as a reputation for being filthy between the sheets.


Throughout her life, Madonna has almost exclusively dated guys who are significantly younger than her. We’re not complaining, the milfy Madonna still has an irresistible beauty about her, as well as a figure to die for.

Julianne Moore

This feisty redhead is no stranger to playing a cougar, both onscreen and off. She’s been married to her much-younger husband for almost twenty years now and has even made her love for “young studs” known on multiple occasions. Moore is known for being outspoken about her insatiable sexual appetite and judging by her regular risqué photo-shoots, her husband is a very lucky man.

Jennifer Aniston

She was barely in her mid-twenties when she became hugely famous as the preppy Rachel Green, and since then, Aniston has grown to become one of the hottest cougars of all time. Always classy, elegant and stylish, Aniston seems to grow finer every year. Over the years, she’s been romantically linked with at least five younger men, sealing her reputation as a bonafide cougar.

Mariah Carey

She might have a reputation for being a diva, but when you’re as stunningly attractive as the eloquent Mariah Carey, you can be anything you want to be. To this day, we still get photos of her flaunting her 47-year-old figure on the beach, and it’s as shapely and toned as it was twenty years ago. Carey has also been married to her ten-years-younger husband for the past eight years now, proving that cougardom is alive and well in Hollywood.

Kim Catrall

The beautiful Kim Catrall was best known for playing sexual goddess Samantha in Sex And The City, and it seems that somewhere along the way, fiction and reality blurred into each other. Catrall is just a milf cougar in real life too, given her history of short-term hookups with men much younger than her. She’s three-times divorced, possibly due to her insatiable appetite for sex with a string of different lovers. She’s dated men almost thirty years her junior in the past and shows no sign of changing her ways. Kim Catrall flies the flag for cougars the world over.