7 Must Visit Museums Around the World [2019 List]

If you love art as much as I do, you’re probably just as interested in museums. Sure, learning and understanding art is one thing, studying it out of a book is surely another, but seeing art in the – for lack of a better word – flesh can be an emotional and moving experience.

Visiting art where it’s hung on the walls alongside other fantastic art is a magical experience. And going to a gallery space for a reception or to see performance art is another experience that I encourage you to try. Thankfully, most major cities have at least a few art museums for you to visit.

Here are a few must-visit art museums.


Personally, the MoMa was one of my first and understandably one of my favorite museums. You’ve got all the heavy hitters in this museum’s permanent collection. You can see Picasso’s work – along with his sculptural efforts such as “Guitar.” You can marvel at Monet’s “Water Lilies” or one of Pollock’s paintings. There’s work by Magritte, Khalo, and even van Gogh. Here is where I saw “Starry Night” and boy did I weep in front of strangers when I saw that painting.

If you ever find yourself in the big apple, make sure to take a trip over to the MoMA.


SF has it’s own MoMA for West Coast travelers to enjoy. This museum is full of greats and even hosts some of the most interesting performance art. Head over to the SF MoMA to see Louise Bourgouis’ impressive “Spiders” or their upcoming exhibit on Warhol.


How could I possibly leave the Lourve of this list? The Lourve is a work of art itself as it’s a part of a royal palace. Here you can see classical sculpture, Egyptian relics, and plenty of Italian Renaissance paintings. Of course, you’ll have to say hello to the Mona Lisa while you’re there.

The Met

The Metropolitan is another museum you must see if you are in New York City. This museum is so massive I don’t recommend trying to see it all in a day! However, I would highly recommend looking at their fashion exhibits!

The Guggunheim

Thanks to the likes of Solomon R. Guggenheim and Peggy, we have the fantastic art collections in all of the Guggenheims across the world. However, the Guggenheim in New York is one of the most recognizable in it’s Frank Lloyd Wright designed building. There are a ton of interesting exhibitions to be seen at this museum as well as work by Francis Bacon and Louise Bourgeois in its permanent collection.

Musee Marmottan-Claude Monet

Are you as obsessed with Monet as we are? Well, then you’ll have to go to this beautiful Museum in Paris which is home to the largest collection of Monet’s art. There are a few of the notable water-lily pieces in the collection here in this gorgeous villa!

Design Museum

This museum is fairly new on the London scene but it’s one of the most gorgeously designed musums which is in the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. Go here to see some of the most beautiful work in design.