Top 3 Art Sites

3.) Art F City

This website is a festive and new option to mainstream print criticism that mixes criticism, reporting, political activism and news on an almost ­24­ hour news cycle. That blend could more or less be even more varied, and transcultural, if a few forward ­thinking, art­ minded investors would put in some serious work into these platforms so they could be able to pay writers a living wage. Well, Art F City invents and keeps an inventory of critical articles, and commissions unique projects of artists. Through a daily blend of sheer criticism, analysis, and community-minded reports, Art F City adds an unmatchable amount of meaningful opinion into the contemporary art world. Art tends to exist without a coherent public purpose if it is not tested and comprehended. To this point, Art F City gives a moderated forum to the public in the form of comment threads, artist essays, and roundtable analysis. These nine-year-old archives contain an enormous historical record of that library. By bringing in a rather critical and informed audience, their public motives fill a critical gap for all creative makers.

 2.)  Art News

The company behind this awesome website was actually originally founded all the way back in 1902. Art News is by far the oldest art magazine in the world with a full history which includes such former staff members as Alfred Barr, the founder of the MoMA, Aldous Huxley, Jean-Paul Sartre and William Carlos Williams. Even though it still published in printed form quarterly, Art News has changed a lot much its online content, moving on its legacy as a trusted, go-to source of art criticism and news in the digital era.

1.) Artnet

This legendary website was first debuted back in 1995. Artnet was actually one of the first art websites that had no prior link to any formerly existing print publications. Its sole purpose is to promote online art auctions, and of course, it led the line of other companies operating as such. Other than that, its news column swiftly created itself as a go-to page for news, reviews, profiles, art-world rumors and the rare but existent warm-hearted feature such as a current article about playing Pokémon Go at MoMA. Within its first 16 years of operation, Artnet News was led by the famous artist and critic Walter Robinson. When he exited the company back in 2012, Artnet News went on a hiatus for a temporary amount of time, just so that they could renovate and touch up on some things, only to come back in its present-day form as a more news-driven website. Today, the key feature of this business is Artnet online auctions. The Artnet Fine Art and Design Price Database and the Artnet Decorative Art Price Database include a little over 10 million auction sale results that date back to 1985 from more than 1700 international auction houses, deeming it the most inclusive database of prices for fine art. All market values and long-term price creations of artworks can all be researched online. This is available to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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