Top 3 Most Valuable Pieces of Art In the World

3.) Woman III

Woman III is a painting done by the abstract expressionist painter Willem de Kooning. Woman III is one of a series of six art works done by de Kooning. All of the paintings were created between 1951 and 1953. There was a general theme that kept up with each painting in the series, the theme seemed to be that of  a woman. The painting measures 68 by 48 12 inches or 1.73 by 1.23 meters and this piece of artwork was created in 1953. From late 1970s all the way to 1994 this painting was part of the famous Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art collection, however following the revolution in 1979, this piece of art was banned from being shown due to strict regulations that were set by the government regarding the visual arts and what they should and should not depict. Finally, in 1994 it was secretly  traded by Thomas Ammann Fine Art to David Geffen for the remaining pieces of the famous 16th century Persian manuscript, the Tahmasbi Shahnameh. In November of 2006, Woman was sold by Geffen to the billionaire Steven A. Cohen for $137.5 million, and thus noting the painting as the fourth most expensive painting ever sold.

2.) The Card Players

The Card Players is a famous series of oil paintings by the French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne. The piece was painted during Cézanne’s final period in the early 1890s. There is a collection of five paintings in the series. Every version comes in a different size. The number of players, and the setting in which the game is being played is always different, as well.. Cézanne also created several drawings and studies while getting prepared for The Card Players series. One rendition of The Card Players was sold to the Royal Family of Qatar  in 2011  for a price vigorously estimated at between $250 million and $300 million, and thus noting the painting series as the third most expensive work of art ever sold. Four years later in 2015, Blake Davis apparently purchased the series for a hefty price of $300 million.

1.) No. 5, 1948

This piece of art was completed by famous artist Jackson Pollock in the 1940s. The piece of art was made on fiberboard, which is also known as composition board. The work measured to 8 inches by 4 inches. As for the paint, Pollock sought out to use liquid paints. More especially, they were synthetic resin paints, also known as gloss enamel, however they  are referred to as oil paints for privacy of the work. During the first observation, it was seen as grey, brown, white and yellow paint drizzled in a way that a lot people still see as a “dense bird’s nest”.  The first impressions of the work by its ignorant audiences were not good, but According to a report in The New York Times on November 2, 2006, this very painting was sold by David Geffen, who is the founder of Geffen Records and co-founder of DreamWorks,, to David Martinez, who is the managing partner of Fintech Advisory Ltd, during a private sale for a record inflation-adjusted price of $140 million.

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